Dr. G's Forensic Body Language Course

Master the Art of Detecting Deception and Uncovering Hidden Truths

Learn directly from me, Dr. G (Clinical and Forensic Psychologist), how to decipher body language cues and read into people’s behavior.

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What’s included:

10 modules to learn about Body Language analysis comprehensively 

  • Module 1: Science behind how emotions work
  • Module 2: How emotions leak out in body language
  • Module 3: The face
  • Module 4: Arms and hands
  • Module 5: Torso
  • Module 6: Legs and feet
  • Module 7: What are body language profiles?
  • Module 8: Psychopathy Spectrum
    The Charismatic Enchanter
    The Stoic Manipulator
    The Agitated Impulsivist
    The Volatile Predator
  • Module 9: Other Distinctive Profiles
    The Defiant Narcissist
    The Guilty Avoider
    The Pathological Liar
    The Submissive Pleader
  • Module 10: Overview of Lying and Deception


CERTIFICATION by Dr. G Explains - if you score at least 80% in 2 assessments (only for Premium).

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If, for any reason, you go through the course and you don’t feel 100% satisfied, you can ask for refund, no questions asked. I’m that confident you will really enjoy this experience and love our community.

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10 modules: self-paced videos + materials inside an online platform

10 modules: self-paced videos + materials inside an online platform

90-min personalized workshop for your team

3 live meetings with me for Q&A and Body Language analysis live exercises

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Group support in an exclusive private Dr. G community


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What People Are Saying:

LOVED your explanation of these details. Of course everyone is talking it, but I especially liked this video. I’m going to look for others of yours right now!


Wow! I REALLY LIKE YOUR STYLE, DR. G !!! I am a body language nerd because I find it fascinating. So I watch many Body Language Experts. So happy I found you!! Thanks for being so forensic and thanks for dissecting the video of Alex’s testimony by pausing it and rewinding it on all points of importance as you explain your observations in SO MUCH DEPTH

Kelley Karvey

$150.00 USD