Dr. John Paul Garrison

Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Empowering Change, Understanding Minds

My commitment is to guide you through mastering your emotions and body language to effectively manage anxiety, stress, and relationship dynamics.

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Dr. G - Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Empowering Understanding and Transformation

In the complexities of the human mind, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders present unique challenges and opportunities for growth. You're not alone in navigating these intricate terrains.

Mastering Anxiety and Depression: Your Journey to Balance and Peace

Anxiety and depression can be overwhelming, but they are also manageable with the right approach. My commitment is to guide you through understanding and mastering your emotions, providing you with tools to regain control and harmony in your life.

Demystifying Personality Disorders: Knowledge as Power

Specializing in personality disorders, I offer in-depth insights into conditions like narcissistic personality disorder. By understanding these disorders, whether in yourself or others, you can develop strategies to protect your well-being and foster healthier relationships.

A Collaborative Path to Self-Discovery

Our therapeutic journey is a partnership. While I provide professional guidance and tailored strategies, you are the navigator of your own journey. Together, we'll explore, understand, and overcome the challenges you face, empowering you to become the best guide in your life's path.

Therapy as a Gateway to Lasting Change

Think of therapy not as a permanent dependency but as a catalyst for lasting change. It's about equipping you with the knowledge and skills to maintain your mental health, much like learning to maintain a well-running vehicle. The goal is self-reliance and resilience, not indefinite therapy.

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Decoding the Unspoken: Body Language Insights with Dr. G

Unlock the Secrets of Body Language

Dive into the fascinating world of non-verbal communication on my dedicated page: Body Language with Dr. G. Here, you'll find a treasure trove of insights that illuminate the subtle, yet powerful language of the body. This journey will enhance your understanding of body language, empowering you to read unspoken cues with confidence and clarity.


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Is Your Relationship Making You Age Faster?

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Empowering Change in the Face of Anxiety


Case Insight: Breaking Free from a Toxic Relationship

One of my clients faced a challenging situation where a relationship was contributing to her feelings of depression and anxiety. She felt trapped and unsure of how to move forward.

Tailored Approach: Combining Techniques for Breakthroughs

Through a personalized blend of stress management techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and deep exploration of her childhood experiences, she began to see things in a new light. This holistic approach empowered her with the confidence needed to make a pivotal decision.

Transformative Outcome: Gaining Wisdom and Strength

By understanding the patterns that led her into a toxic relationship, she not only found the strength to leave but also developed keen insight into recognizing and avoiding such situations in the future. This journey was about more than just addressing immediate anxiety; it was about equipping her with the tools for lasting, positive change in her interpersonal relationships.

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Dr. G: A Lifelong Journey into the Human Mind

From Curiosity to Expertise: My Academic Odyssey

My journey in psychology began at the University of Georgia, where a profound curiosity about the human mind turned into a lifelong passion. After earning a B.S. in Psychology, I furthered my exploration with a Master’s degree and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology.

Innovating in the Field: Research and Training

At UGA, I delved deep into the anxiety research lab, pioneering new approaches to panic disorder treatments. This period of innovation continued into my Master’s program, where I had the privilege of being mentored in Gestalt psychology by a luminary in the field. My training journey also led me through an intensive two-year program at the Emory School of Medicine, working within the bustling corridors of Grady Memorial Hospital.

A Global Perspective: Languages and Cultures

Beyond the confines of lecture halls and therapy rooms, my passion for understanding extends to languages and cultures. At UGA, I embarked on linguistic adventures, studying Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, while at home, I immersed myself in Cantonese and Korean. Though my proficiency may have waned over time, my enthusiasm for language and cultural diversity remains a vibrant part of my identity.

Embracing Diversity: Beyond the Professional Realm

Today, my commitment to embracing and enjoying cultures outside my own continues unabated. It's a journey that enriches not only my personal life but also informs my professional perspective, allowing me to connect with a diverse range of individuals and their unique experiences.

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I co-authored The Clinician’s Guide to At Ease, Soldier!: Theory and Practice.

Practical and user-friendly, this guide accompanies the book At Ease, Soldier!: How to Leave the War Downrange and Feel at Home Again.

It provides everything a clinician needs to implement the program with active-duty service members and veterans in order to work through post-deployment issues in either individual therapy or a therapy group.

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