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I’m here to empower you in understanding your body language to handle anxiety, stress, and relationship challenges.

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Anxiety is manageable.

You’re more capable than you realize and there’s definitely a way out of whatever you’re going through.

Come closer, let’s talk, and figure this all out TOGETHER.

Living with anxiety is about learning how to cope and becoming your own guide throughout the journey.

I’ll be able to understand your case and teach you effective tools, but ultimately you’re the best guide in your own journey.

Therapy is NOT supposed to last forever!

It’s just like a car shop. You don’t need to take your car to the shop forever (at least I hope not!) but there’ll be times when you need to come in more often to get things sorted out. And so is therapy.

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How I Read­ Body Language:

To explore further and deepen your understanding of body language, visit the dedicated page on my website: Body Language with Dr. G

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Working with anxiety patients:

I had a patient who felt stuck in a relationship which was leading to depression and anxiety.

Using a combination of stress management, CBT, and exploration of childhood experiences, she was able to gain the confidence to leave the relationship.

After learning how she got into a toxic relationship in the first place, she developed the ability to navigate away from potentially bad relationships.

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I have a real passion for learning and understanding the human mind.

After completing my B.S. in Psychology from the University of Georgia, I got a Master’s degree and a PsyD in Clinical psychology.

I spent my last years at UGA in the anxiety research lab analyzing new ways to deliver panic disorder treatments. During my first Master’s degree, I had the unique opportunity to be trained in Gestalt psychology by one of the leaders in the field.

I also trained for two years through the Emory School of Medicine at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Besides my formal education, I’m also passionate about different languages and cultures.

Starting at UGA, I took courses in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. At home, I was also studying Cantonese and Korean. While my language skills have gotten a bit rusty over the years, I still have a great passion for it.

I continue to dedicate a great deal of time to enjoying cultures outside of my own.

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I co-authored The Clinician’s Guide to At Ease, Soldier!: Theory and Practice.

Practical and user-friendly, this guide accompanies the book At Ease, Soldier!: How to Leave the War Downrange and Feel at Home Again.

It provides everything a clinician needs to implement the program with active-duty service members and veterans in order to work through post-deployment issues in either individual therapy or a therapy group.

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