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Discover the fascinating world of forensic psychology with Dr. John Paul Garrison, a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist renowned for his expertise in understanding human behavior. Holding a Psy.D. and an MBA, Dr. Garrison's educational journey reflects his commitment to excellence in psychological evaluation and therapy. He is highly regarded for his comprehensive psychological evaluations across various domains, including forensic and clinical psychology.

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Bridging Psychology and Law

In the legal arena, Dr. Garrison is a respected expert witness, known for his ability to simplify complex psychological concepts for legal cases. Additionally, his role as the host of a popular true crime analysis series on YouTube demonstrates his wide-reaching impact and authority in psychology.


Dr. Garrison is dedicated to ethical practice, upholding the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality. His services, ranging from forensic analysis to psychotherapy, are designed to meet diverse client needs, showcasing his deep understanding and respect for the intricacies of human behavior.

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Services Offered by Dr. John Paul Garrison

Expert Witness Testimony

Dr. Garrison brings his extensive expertise to the courtroom, offering credible and insightful testimony that can be pivotal in legal proceedings:

  • Credibility in Courts: Recognized as an expert in Georgia courts, providing testimony that is both credible and understandable.
  • Diverse Case Experience: Experienced in a variety of cases, including criminal, civil, and family law matters.
  • Clear Communication: Ability to explain complex psychological concepts in a clear, concise manner that is accessible to judges and juries.


Consultation and Litigation Support

Providing comprehensive support to legal professionals, Dr. Garrison's services extend beyond individual evaluations:

  • Case Analysis: Assisting legal teams in understanding the psychological aspects of their cases.
  • Trial Preparation: Offering guidance on psychological factors that may impact trial strategies or outcomes.
  • Client Counseling: Providing psychological support and counseling to clients involved in legal proceedings.
  • Educational Services: Conducting workshops and training sessions for attorneys and legal professionals on relevant psychological topics and their application in legal contexts.


Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

Dr. Garrison specializes in conducting in-depth psychological evaluations that are crucial in a variety of settings. His assessments are tailored to meet the specific needs of each case, ensuring comprehensive and accurate results. Services include:

  • Forensic Evaluations: Providing evaluations in criminal and civil cases, including assessments of competency, criminal responsibility, and risk assessments.
  • Clinical Evaluations: Assessing mental health conditions, treatment needs, and providing diagnosis and recommendations.
  • Psychosexual Evaluations: Assessing individuals with sexual behavior concerns, including risk assessments for sexual offending.
  • Substance Abuse Evaluations: Assessing substance use disorders and providing recommendations for treatment.
  • Custody Assessments: Offering evaluations in family law cases to assist in determining the best interests of children in custody disputes.

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Professional Experience and Background

Development of Psychological Assessment Tools

As COO of assessment creation and management company Your Success Insights, Dr. Garrison leads initiatives in developing innovative psychological and forensic assessment tools:

  • Innovative Tool Creation: Developing assessment tools for a wide range of psychological traits and conditions.
  • Focus on Various Domains: Including industrial-organizational psychology, substance abuse, trauma, and more.
  • Enhancing Understanding: Aiding in the better understanding and treatment of psychological conditions through advanced assessment methods.

Dr. John Paul Garrison's Professional Journey

Dr. Garrison's professional trajectory is marked by a series of progressively responsible roles that reflect his deepening expertise and widening influence in the field of psychology:

  • Early Career Foundations: Dr. Garrison's formative years in psychology began at the University of Georgia, where he engaged in research, laying the groundwork for his understanding of psychological principles. Following his time at UGA, heĀ continuedĀ his professional journey in psychological assessments, working extensively with both children and adults.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Advanced his clinical experience at the same institution, focusing on complex forensic evaluations including psychosexual and custody cases.
  • Leadership Roles: As the Director at The Center for Health and Well-Being, he oversees clinical operations, guiding strategic planning and service delivery. In his role as COO at Your Success Insights, he leads in the creation of innovative psychological assessment tools, impacting various domains of psychology.

Publications and Media Contributions

Dr. Garrison's Impact in Publications and Media

Dr. Garrison's expertise extends to the public realm through various publications and media contributions:

  • Authorship: Co-authored "The Clinician's Guide to At Ease, Soldier!" providing insights into treating trauma.
  • Media Contributions: Featured in several publications, offering expertise on topics like body language and psychological health.
  • YouTube Presence: Hosts a popular true crime analysis series, 'Dr. G Explains', where he delves into body language and behavior, amassing a significant following and enhancing his outreach and impact.

Training and Certifications

Continuous Learning and Expertise Development

Dr. Garrison's commitment to professional growth is evidenced by his advanced training and certifications:

  • Specialized Training: Possesses advanced training in micro profile facial expressions and subtle facial expressions.
  • Certifications: Holds Expert Level certifications from the Paul Ekman Group in Micro Expressions, Subtle Facial Expressions, and Interactive Law Enforcement.
  • Continuous Professional Development: Regularly updates his skills and knowledge to remain at the forefront of forensic psychology.

Ethical Standards and Client Care

Commitment to Ethics and Professionalism

Dr. Garrison is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards in his practice:

  • Ethical Adherence: Committed to upholding the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association and other relevant professional bodies.
  • Client Confidentiality and Care: Prioritizes client confidentiality and care, ensuring trust and integrity in all professional relationships.

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